Bad Bentheim Castle

Papillon Country Resort is not far from the German border and therefore not far from the old German town of Bad Bentheim. So close to the Netherlands and yet such a different building and culture.

Bad Bentheim Castle: Close family ties with the Dutch Royal Family. Bad Bentheim Castle is also worth a closer look. The castle tower towers above everything from afar, which is visible in the distant surroundings. There is a great view from the wall. If the trees weren't that high, Enschede would probably be clearly visible. Inside the building you can discover a lot about the history of the castle and about the Counts of Bentheim.

Royal family
There are close family ties with our Dutch Royal Family. Very special and exciting are the dungeons of the castle where an alchemist laboratory has been faithfully recreated. Good to know is that a complete Dutch explanation can be heard there via a tape and with light effects. The alchemist and his assistants were employed by the lord of the castle and were looking for the "philosopher's stone".

Playground equipment
In addition to the lock, there are various playground equipment and activities for children outside the lock. A perfect day out for young and old.

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