FREE CANCELLATION before 1 April 2021
Here are the advantages of Vacanze col Cuore

Free rebooking

By April 1st 2021 you can rebbook free of charge your booking and choose other holiday dates and destinations within the Vacanze col Cuore group.
The new booking is subject to availability and may be subject to price changes.

Money back guarantee

If you cancel your booking before April 1st 2021 made with Vacanze col Cuore, you will receive a refund of the deposit paid.
No Voucher will be issued.

Book your holiday without worries

Book your Glamping holiday in a resort or camping village of Vacanze col Cuore; you can cancel your reservation free of charge by April 1st 2021

Swimming pool

* Covered heated pool * NEW separate paddling pool * NEW children's slide * Outdoor water spray park *

Swimming and vacation, that belong together. Papillon Country Resort has an outdoor swimming pool with roof, so you can also enjoy a swim in the low season. Outside there is a cheerful water spray park for the children. The water really comes from everywhere, even from the colorful floor the water spurts up spontaneously. There is a butterfly that spits water, the leaves of a palm tree suddenly make a downpour and there is a lot more fun in the water. We want to reveal one secret. If you want to stop the water and you press the water jet, suddenly a cheerful sound comes from the music horn.

Plenty of water fun for the children and for you.

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