Swimming pool

* Covered heated pool * Separate paddling pool * Children's slide * Outdoor water spray park *

Swimming and vacation, that belong together. Papillon Country Resort has an outdoor swimming pool with roof, so you can also enjoy a swim in the low season. Outside there is a cheerful water spray park for the children. The water really comes from everywhere, even from the colorful floor the water spurts up spontaneously. There is a butterfly that spits water, the leaves of a palm tree suddenly make a downpour and there is a lot more fun in the water. We want to reveal one secret. If you want to stop the water and you press the water jet, suddenly a cheerful sound comes from the music horn.

❤️ NEW ❤️ For even more water fun, Spotty is also cozy in the  water spray park!

Plenty of water fun for the children and for you.

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