FREE CANCELLATION before 1 April 2021
Here are the advantages of Vacanze col Cuore

Free rebooking

By April 1st 2021 you can rebbook free of charge your booking and choose other holiday dates and destinations within the Vacanze col Cuore group.
The new booking is subject to availability and may be subject to price changes.

Money back guarantee

If you cancel your booking before April 1st 2021 made with Vacanze col Cuore, you will receive a refund of the deposit paid.
No Voucher will be issued.

Book your holiday without worries

Book your Glamping holiday in a resort or camping village of Vacanze col Cuore; you can cancel your reservation free of charge by April 1st 2021


Swimming pool with water playground

Swimming pool with separate paddling pool and water playground for even more fun!


Swimming pond

Besides the swimming pool, Papillon Country Resort also has a swimming pond. Children can enjoy swimming and playing in and around the water while the parents watch on the beach.



All restaurants at Vacanze col Cuore's destinations are of 'Top Class' quality. In the coming year we will work hard to give the restaurant a metamorphosis in order to also be able to give this quality at Papillon Country Resort to our guests.


Spotty Animation

Come to the Spotty Theater! From crafts to dancing with Spotty, the Vacanze col Cuore mascot, all children are thought of!


Sport and activities

There is plenty to do on and around Papillon Country Resort. A game of tennis or beach volleyball at the swimming pond. And for the adventurers, Klimbos AvaTarZ is a must, in short, you do not have to be bored for a moment.


Fish pond

Fish lovers are in the right place here! There is a fish-rich fishing pond where you can fish for hours. There are spacious camping spots around the pond and there are cozy Fish Cabins where you can stay.



When you wake up in the morning and unzip the tent or open the door of your holiday home, the wonderful scent of freshly baked bread will meet you! That is the real holiday feeling.

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