Zoo Nordhorn

Would you like to go to the zoo during your holiday at Papillon Country Resort? Which can! Nordhorn Zoo is located just across the German border. Not big, but very well cared for and intimate. There is a varied offer for all age groups. Bison, llamas, zebras and much more at Nordhorn Zoo. Exciting guided tours, which are also provided in Dutch, ensure that visitors receive a lot of information about the animals present. There are also various shows that you can visit. For example, the Bisons are fed at certain times, the Seal show is performed and you can enjoy feeding the Llamas and Zebras. The highlight of the zoo has to be the feeding of the cheetah. Something you need to attend.

At different times of the year you can attend special events at Nordhorn Zoo. For example, there are various markets in the summer. There is also a true Christmas market in the zoo during Christmas. There is also a great outdoor and indoor playground in the park. The children can enjoy themselves here while the parents indulge in a nice cup of coffee with a piece of cake.


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