Swimming pool

* Covered heated pool * Separate paddling pool * Children's slide * Outdoor water spray park *

Hours of water fun, that is extremely important during your holiday! We at Camping holiday park Papillon Country Resort understand that all too well and that is why we have a swimming pool at our park that can be used in any weather. The Netherlands is quite unpredictable when it comes to the weather and that is why you can swim in every season of the year with our indoor swimming pool with slide. We can slide the roof open when the temperatures are high and the sun is shining, but the roof can also be easily closed again when it suddenly starts to rain.

There is also a paddling pool, especially for our youngest visitors. For even more water fun at camping holiday park Papillon Country Resort there is a cheerful water spray park for the children outside. The water really comes from everywhere, even from the colorful floor the water spouts up spontaneously. There is a butterfly that spits water, the leaves of a palm tree suddenly make a downpour and there is so much more water fun. We would like to reveal one secret. If you want to stop the water and press the water jet, a cheerful sound will suddenly come out of the music horn.

It is therefore the perfect combination of amazing water fun and beautiful glamping accommodations. That is a true feast for every lover of luxury and water fun!